Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Towpath...what towpath???

Yet another early start on Monday......change in routine required!

A foggy start to the day but it burnt off very quickly.   Just the last lock of the Napton flight and the two at Marston Doles where we found a lockie........very handy as Geoff could get aboard as we left.  Its a sharp bend to get out of the lock, made more complicated when a boat is waiting to come in.

The view from my kitchen window Monday
and looking the other way
We have moored here several times before and it is an idyllic spot.  I set myself up after lunch with chair and table on the towpath only to be forced back indoors after 10 minutes s it was too hot!!!

It was cooler later and I enjoyed the first of the summer Pimms outside.  

Tuesday I was allowed a lie in......9.30 departure today.......not far to go to Fenny Compton and the idea is to arrive after people have left leaving us a choice of mooring spaces....lucky again!

The following pictures show the state of the towpath

Some grass cutting would be great!!!
Total distance:5.46 miles Elapsed time:2h45m51s Locks:3Bridges:10 
Average speed:1.97 mph (3.06 lock/mph) 

Total distance:3.07 miles Elapsed time:1h32m23s Locks:0Bridges:9 
Average speed:1.99 mph (1.99 lock/mph) 
Two days of wiggling round the contours.

Visited Leesan on arrival but the chap who might (or might not!) be able to fix our loo is out on a call all day so I have to ring at 9 tomorrow.   Fingers crossed.....

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Not "lucky" - educated by experience