Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Boarded by Pirates

After a lot of dithering Geoff decided to spend his peaceful weekend in Goring rather than Beale Park so we tootled up there on Friday morning and were lucky enough to find a mooring at the far end.

I packed my bags and was collected by Giles for my Granny sitting duties.  Thankfully Boe was there also.  If it were just the children it would be fine but there are 17 chickens, 1 poorly cat who has to be injected, 2 well cats, 1 poorly dog who has just had a stroke, one well dog with boundless energy, 2 ducks and a goldfish!!

The weekend went well, with lots of activity including a trip to this water obstacle course.    Needless to say I was a spectator, leaving Boe to accompany the children.

Boe came to spend Sunday evening on Petroc and, together with Geoff, we sampled the Indian delights of Massooms restaurant.

Boe left us on Monday morning and we had a short run up to locks, watering at Cleeve lock and aiming for the field mooring where we had moored on the way down.   We couldn't`t take the exact same spot as it was filled with George and Carol on Still Rockin.  We managed to get in a little further back but had to use the gang plank....the first time since we were on the Lancaster canal a few years ago.   First time ever for this new gangplank.   Barney took one look at it and disdainfully did an almighty leap for the shore without it!

Late afternoon wee had a surprise visit....Giles and the children in their boat called the SLACK DODGER!!
A boat that has seen better days but the kids love it.

Moved on today to Wallingford, where we were initially unlucky with mooring.   We managed to squeeze into a space on the left had side but the bank is far too high for us here.   Barney did eventually manage it but I would have struggled.   We sat waiting for a hire boat to depart from the opposite bank.   This he duly did after about half an hour so a swift bit of reversing before someone else came along.

Our TV aerials are playing up again, they have not been right since our boatyard fitted new ones for us at the beginning of the season.   This causes a lot of angst for Geoff!!!

After several phone calls I have the possibility of a visit from someone a week today.........we will be around Oxford by then in all probability.   Another call out fee!!!


susan & charlie said...

Get yourselves an August DTV aerial from amazon. Only £11 approx, small and works a treat

Gillian Lovegrove said...

It wasn't the aerial that was the problem....it was the wiring
Now had great chap called Brian from Aerial Solutions who has fixed it!!