Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Back to Oxford

Abingdon has to be the most welcoming of towns on the Thames to visitors.  What a pity some other places are not as welcoming.  Sadly I failed to get a picture of the notice by Reading Bridge which is really quite threatening if you stay over the allotted 24 hours.  Not just a fine of £100 but dire consequences..............................

Other places on the Thames could do well to take note.
So we were sad to leave, but Tuesday was forecast to be a window in what didn`t promise to be a good week.   However they said Monday would be bad, hence our delay, but in the event it was not nearly as bad as forecast.

When Geoff walked Barnaby on Monday past the lock and the water point, it was very busy with at least 4 boats queuing to water.   Since we don`t like situations like that we crept away at 0730!!

We were locked through and watered and on our way by 0830 and didn`t see another boat for over 2 hours.  Chillier than of late but no rain and a very pleasant run up to Oxford.  We met our first boats at Iffley lock when 4 were locking down which we hoped boded well for space on the moorings above Osney lock.
Approaching Folly Bridge
The channel to the left is still closed off.
So round to the right we go
Followed by a smart little trip boat
Osney lock was on self service which we did not realise.  (No sign up) There was now a boat ahead of us who had just gone up the lock and decided to do his good turn for the day by emptying the lock and opening the gates ready for us.   However we thought he was the lock keeper so Geoff stayed aboard.  Once inside he then had to climb the steps which is something neither of us is too keen on him doing......they are very slippy.  Still all was well and we were pleased to see that there was room for us on the moorings just above.

So endeth our two and a half months Thames travelling.  We left here on 29th June.  I only managed to persuade Geoff to go as far as Windsor but it has been a very leisurely time.  On Thursday we shall go through ISIS lock and re enter our world of canals.

Total distance:9.06 miles 
Elapsed time:4h4m50s
Average speed:2.22 mph (3.20 lock/mph

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