Sunday, 3 August 2008

Weekend in Guildford Meadows

The bull is the one on the left!

A wonderful secluded mooring in what seemed almost like our own field on the non towpath side, however when I woke on Saturday morning and let Ellie off the back of the boat I was confronted by a herd of cows and one of them was a bull. Thankfully he had had his horns removed and he seemed quite benign. I was also joined by another early morning dog walker and I was still in my nightie!

Later we went for a wander and explore and to do some shopping. We then met up with friends Ann & Keith together with son Alistair & Aoife his wife. Back to Petroc for a relaxing afternoon. The weather threatened to jeopardise our plans of eating al fresco but it eventually cleared up.

Sunday morning we went to St Marys Church in the town. We had been faced with a huge choice of churches as we had 3 churches and the Cathedral to choose from. St Mary's had the most convenient time so we opted for had a tower dating back to Saxon times about 1020AD. It was their monthly Communion Service and afterwards instead of the customary coffee we were invited to a glass of champagne and nice nibbles which were in honour of a member of the congregation who had a momentous birthday...which one was not stated!

We then went for a gentle wander in search of a suitable pub for our Sunday lunch. En route we discovered the castle grounds with a stunning flower display.

We found The White House pub on the town bridge which did us proud for our Sunday Roast and managed to get back to Petroc before the heavier showers set in....summer is back!!!!

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grey wolf said...

Possibly a Mott and Bailey castle from Norman times?