Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Back to the Big River

It was still raining as we joined old Father Thames again, however it was reasonably warm and it was saving me from having to water my must look on the bright side!!

We passed through Sunbury and Molesly locks which is easy work now as they are all mechanised and the lock keeper does it all. All we have to do is hold a bow and stern line.

En route to Hampton Court where we planned to moor we passed numerous house boats some of quite splendid proportions.

Hampton Church

We tied up about 1pm and battened down the hatches for the afternoon. The rain did clear later in the afternoon and we had a gentle explore of our immediate area. Later we were joined by friends Gavin and Celia for drinks and then we all repaired to a local restaurant for dinner. We had a very good meal after I was eventually allowed to have my third choice of meal...the first two were "off"..........Geoff said that only I could choose the two things that were off the menu! Since my second choice was a very ordinary Ham, Egg & Chips and I did have chips with my third choice of Fish & Chips we found it quite extraordinary....C'est la vie.....

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