Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Back to Petrocs winter home but not finally yet

And so back to Braunston for the weekend as usual at the end of our season.   Saturday cooked breakfast in the Gongoozlers Rest boat and lunch for Sunday in the Admiral Nelson

Saturday we had one of the wettest days this year.but we cant complain as there have been very few days like that all summer.

Most of the weekend went to plan but not all.   We duly fronted up for church at the new time of 11.15, having carefully checked the notice boards both outside the church and in the porch.  However when we arrived at about 11am the church was like the Marie Celeste...........we should have checked the website as well!!!   Belatedly checking we discovered that as it was Harvest Festival the service had been mover to a farm some way up the canal.   Not a single notice in the church!!

If we had checked earlier we could have walked as the trusty Google told us it was just over half an hour,  ah well....we live and learn.

The sun was shining by Sunday and we were able to sit outside at the Admiral Nelson
 before our lunch and watch the world and boats go by.
Despite being almost autumn there are quite a lots of boats still travelling.    
Monday we decided to go most of the way to Clifton as we had arranged to go in so our broken toilet could be removed ready for Geoff to drive down to Lee Sanitation at Fenny Compton.

The locks at Hillmorton are still on restricted opening times so we went through on Monday and positioned ourselves just before Clifton ready to go in early Tuesday.  We were just short of where major road works are taking place and a new bridge is being built over the canal.   We understand it is for a new road which starts at Daventry and is to do with a new huge housing estate, although we cant work out where.

The offending toilet was duly removed and Geoff took it down to Fenny.   He also had to make a trip to Roadpro in Daventry as he had somehow messed up our satellite receiver.   He had done the same thing once before and they had managed to re tune it.  However he was not so lucky this time and it looks like we shall have to purchase a new one for next year.

We are not due to leave until next Monday so have left the yard and come down towards Rugby as it is much quieter and also better for Barney.

The yard is much busier than when we first moored there as there are now over 50 permanent moorers.

So a final few days pottering and not going very far and beginning to sort the boat out.   Geoff has already started and thrown a big bag of clothes away.   


Mike Todd said...

Try Google for Rugby Houlton Link Road or Rugby Radio Station Site. There are some fascinating details and plans. Although the news development is at the Hilmorton end of the old radio station, the link road runs close to the canal from Clifton.

Gillian Lovegrove said...

Thanks Mike
Giogked and found interesting video of the project.
Thanks. Thought it was a longer road but it’s only 1.5 miles!

Gillian Lovegrove said...