Saturday, 15 September 2018

Back to Abingdon

On Tuesday I hopped on a bust back to Giles in Woodcote to collect something I had left behind......bus passes are great.......but some of the drivers think they are on a roller coaster round some of the country lanes!  

Decide to go 3/4 of the way to Abingdon so I could make my getaway...yes again....on Thursday lunchtime.   We moored at Clifton Lock where there is space for possibly two boats above the lock for which the lock keeper will kindly relieve you of £9.50p   Nothing much there but pleasant and quiet and walking distance to both a shop and a pub!

Total distance:8.08 miles Elapsed time:2h8m57s
Average speed:3.76 mph (5.15 lock/mph) 

Thursday morning was beautifully clear and sunny but with a decided nip in the air.

Appleford railway bridge showing how clear and still the river is.

Didcot power station is visible for a fair way along this stretch.

We slowed down to snails pace past these fishermen, they looked so peaceful it was a shame to disturb them
Quite a few boats passed us going in the opposite direction which boded well for space at Abingdon.

We were there soon after 1030 and could have had our pick of places, how much quieter than when we were on our way downstream.   We moored close to the bridge and I set off for the bus to Didcot and thence the train to London and grand daughter.   Abingdon is rather rather unobliging in that it does not boast a railway station, although I gather it did many years ago.

The journeys to Emmas are longer now so I stay two nights

Back at Abingdon now, Saturday and onward we go tomorrow.   Geoff reports that it has remained very quiet here.

Total distance:4.33 miles Elapsed time:1h29m3s Locks:Bridges:4 
Average speed:2.92 mph (3.59 lock/mph) 

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