Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Reading after a hectic few days to herald a new arrival

It was difficult to prise Geoff away from our lovely shaded mooring at Wallingford but I returned from London on Thursday evening leaving Emma in hospital awaiting imminent birth..or so we thought.  I took me 3 hours to get back by train and bus, as Wallingford inconveniently does not have a railway station.  I needed to be closer to return on Saturday so Goring was the destination.

This worked well as we arrived at Goring mid morning and had a choice of places.. Later on it was all full.
Moorings are nicely in the shade in the mornings
I departed after lunch (and after our Saturday cooked breakfast at the Chocolate Cafe!!)
Kensa Ava weighing 7lb 7oz was eventually born at 8.25 on Sunday evening.  Boe and I treated ourselves to a night in a hotel to recover from our ordeal.........and preparatory to going to the hospital to take it in turns to be with Emma until Dave`s arrival somewhat later in the day.  

We didn`t even have to miss the tennis at Wimbledon......unlike a few years ago when you couldn`t switch your phone on......nowadays anything goes.   Good wifi, so with ipads at the ready Wimbledon was on as we lent encouragement to Emma.

Meanwhile back at the ranch......
Geoff has been well looked after as he was collected by Giles for a BBQ on Saturday and collected again on the Sunday for leftovers and football.  On Monday he had a go at washing the roof.  With all this dry weather it is just full of dust.

I returned later on Monday, ready for departure on Tuesday.   The moorings are free for 1 day and then £5 a night but maximum 3 nights.

Once again difficult to persuade Geoff to move.......but Goring still takes at least 1.5 hours to Emmas. 

Off reasonably early for the short trip to Pangbourne.   Our timing was good again as we found a mooring easily but in a couple of hours it was full.

We have seen a variety of animals carried on boats but Chickens!!!
Those orange crates on the top were full of them.
Moving again today.  The aim was Henley for the weekend but have just seen that it is the Thames Historic Boats gathering so may have to have a rethink.

In the meantime we have moored in Reading so Geoff can have a wander up to town and get his urban fix.

A while ago a big grass cutting machine came by...  The grass, if it can be called that, alongside Petroc was not very long but he went all down the side and we are now covered in dust!!!

No shade, but thankfully today, as was yesterday, is a bit cooler and there is plenty of cloud around.
However it is forecast to heat up again tomorrow.
Total distance:6.18 miles Elapsed time:2h9m9s
Average speed:2.87 mph (3.33 lock/mph) 

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