Monday, 9 October 2017

Gently meandering back to Clifton

Wednesday and Thursday wee two bright days for a gentle descent of the Napton Flight.
The mornings were chilly as can be seen by the horses with their coats on

But plenty of sunshine

The buffalo don`t seem to need protection and they were very interested in our passing.
I am always glad to be separated by a strip of water
We spent a couple of nights just before bridge 102 in one of our favourite stopping places.  There were quite a few other boats but there is so much mooring along this stretch that everyone had spaced themselves out nicely, so no one was on top of another boat.

An early start was necessary on Saturday morning so that we could have reach Braunston and have our cooked breakfast in the Gongoozlers Rest Cafe.

A very good breakfast it was.
Later on Saturday saw the arrival of Boe, in transit from the Salt Mines of Krakow, via Nottingham (courtesy of Ryanair!) to Cornwall.

One of Boes pictures as she was out walking Barney on Sunday.
Geoff and I went to the Family Service in Braunston church where we discovered that the Reverend Sarah would be moving on before our next visit here.  I am sure she will be missed as she is so enthusiastic and makes the service come alive.

We then all went to the Admiral Nelson for Sunday lunch.  The food was OK but we were disappointed in the menu.  The two roasts they had on were Lamb Shank or Beef Brisket, neither of which I would describe as a typical Sunday Roast and at £14 I thought it was a tad expensive for this part of the world.  Boe and Geoff decided against either and settled for a burger.  Having said that there was nothing wrong with the food.

Boe departed for Cornwall after breakfast taking with her some of our luggage which was handy.  We do normally manage to get everything in the car but it is a close run thing as Barney takes up a quarter of the space!  

A last trip up to the butcher for a couple of nights suppers and we too were on our way.   Now moored just about Hillmorten Locks ready for the last trip tomorrow into Clifton.

Total distance:6.55 miles 
Elapsed time:2h39m33s 
Average speed:2.62 mph (2.62 lock/mph)


susan & charlie said...

Shame you couldn't stop for a drink

Gillian Lovegrove said...

Sorry we missed you this time.

We moored half way down the Napton Flight and so were a bit far
Next day too far in the other Direction

Hope you have a restful winter....may catch up next idea where we will go yet.

BigJohn said...

Sad to hear another year's cruising is nearly over. Take care x

Gillian Lovegrove said...

Very sad but the plan is to return next year

susan & charlie said...

Quiet Christmas in Cornwall followed in January by a month in Oz visiting our only grandkids. Back to the boat end of February.

Gillian Lovegrove said...

Enjoy will be warmer than us!

susan & charlie said...

Brasing ourselves for 40 degree plus heat and humidity