Monday, 7 August 2017


 One of the worst things to go wrong on a boat is the toilet (in my opinion)

Luckily two years ago we invested in a Porta Potti for emergencies which had now been brought into commission.  A phone call to Lee Sanitation, from whence the toilet originated. elicited the information that they don't do call-outs.  We have located a marine toilet engineer BUT he is on holiday!!!   He is on holiday this week and maybe next week.  Luckily we will still be within his reach for the next couple of weeks.

This was the sky behind us on Friday evening, but miraculously it missed us.
We had watched these amphibians in Henley and they are still around

Then we watched some of them as they landed

All shapes and sizes were lined up in Higgenson Park on Saturday
The weekend was a very social one.  We had visitors Bob and Rosie on the Saturday for lunch and I had discovered that they were en route to Heathrow, so I begged a lift as I thought I would make a surprise appearance at son-in-law Daves 50th birthday party.  We had not planned to attend as we had no idea where we would be.  They dropped me at Hounslow from where I caught a train to Wandsworth and a short walk to the was great to see the faces of all my family.   I had previously texted saying we hoped they had a good time and sorry not be be there!.  I wasn`t able to stay late as I had to catch a train back at a reasonable time for Geoff to meet me at Marow.....he had to stay up way past his bedtime!!  However it was long enough for a few glasses of Prosecco and the meal...a great day
Sunday we had friends Anne & Keith coming to go out to lunch.  As we hadn`t seen them for a while it was a great catch up session.   By the time they arrived we had moved from our £12 a night slot to the free moorings just a little way behind.   I was quite relieved to have moved as it transpired we were adjacent to where a Thames swim was finishing.   A marquee had been erected, portaloos put in, and later on the place was incredibly busy.

We went to the Dog and badger at Medmenham for lunch.   We all used to live in the married quarters at Medmenham in the early 80`s and the Dog and Badger was the local pub.........somewhat changed now.    It has been modernised, albeit quite well done, the biggest change was the prices.   It is now a rather upmarket pub.

Later we were revisited by Anne Barlow, our Australian friend, this time with her daughter Melinda who lives in Marlow,  We had last seen Melinda in 1980 at the age of 19.  She is now a grandmother.

All in all a very busy and enjoyable much so that we decided to stay over Monday to recover!

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