Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Back on board

Only 7 hours from door to door!!!  However the train journey was relatively painless from Cornwall.  Even the change in Birmingham from new Street to Moor Street station is quite easy provided you don't have a heavy case.

During my absence Geoff did two short trips.  He went up to the bottom of the locks at Knowle as it was a pleasant mooring and he could walk into the village ( a fair stride but such good exercise for him!!)  The second trip was just back to Lapworth to collect me yesterday.

This morning we set off on a lovely clear morning to go as far as Shrewley tunnel.   The plan was to meet the Gillespies for lunch at the Durham Ox.  This all worked well apart from the fact that Christine didn't make it due to a heavy cold.  However we had an excellent lunch with Ian and Fiona.  We can thoroughly recommend the pub as the food was very reasonably priced and a nice friendly landlord.

Geoff departing Lapworth whilst Barney and I walked.
After lunch we moved on about a mile closer to the top of the Hatton Flight, ready for the 21/23 locks tomorrow.    3 boats moored just ahead of us.....dare we hope for company down the locks tomorrow.??

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