Thursday, 28 April 2011

Under Starters Orders

Just in case anyone thought we had disappeared we have been busy preparing Petroc for the 2011 summer season, in between we have had a great Easter Weekend with Giles and Family in Goring Heath.

Several large shopping expeditions were undertaken including a delivery from Tesco's with all the heavy, beer, water etc!!

One or two items of equipment had to be replaced before departure notably the water pump...very essential.
Geoff was spared his normal start of season job of cleaning Petroc's outside as Hannah from Clifton Cruisers was hard at work trying to raise Sponsorship for a gap year so we engaged her services and she did a wonderful job.  There were still lots of other interesting little jobs to keep Geoff happy (I do like to see men working!)
I was not idle however as you can see from the short clip below.
A Woman's work is never done

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Anonymous said...

We passed Petroc on our way back to Valley Cruises.You will be pleased to hear we both passed our helmsmans course before venturing on to the canal. We had our first n/boat holiday beg April and can't wait to do it again. Have another booked in January!Your talk for CAMEO certainly inspired us.
Sue and Charlie Winning