Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunday in Braunston

The forecast was accurate again!   Woke to rain and very muddy footpaths.  Apart from taking Barney and fetching the Sunday papers we buried ourselves until lunchtime.   We (Emma is here as well) then stirred ourselves, donned wellies. macs and brollies and took ourselves off to meet Fran & Keith in the Boatman.   It was very busy but we eventually found a table, it was even in a prime position overlooking the canal....which would have been a lovely view apart from the rain.    Still lots of boats about despite the weather.

After lunch it was back to burying ourselves again, although the rain had eased and for a short while we wondered if the sun was trying to make an appearance but no luck.

No news on the baby front, so tomorrow we make a dash for Rugby and hope the car starts.....

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