Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Almost There

We are out of the house and the first holiday makers have taken possession.
We are in transit to Petroc now and hope to depart Clifton early next week. We cannot believe that another winter has passed and we are just hoping that we have a summer to come.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lovegroovies....Great pictures! Your boat looks great too. Hope you have a wonderful summer and avoid the Swine Flu...the swine! One of our granddaughters is in Mexico for a week. These university kids....hope they avoid picking up the germ...In the meantime, we'll just worry about her. Love to you both.
Connie & Don

Anonymous said...

Hello there, hope our paths cross again this summer. What are your plans? We are at Warwick at the moment heading North. Will attempt the Hatton Flight next week. Take care. Lynne and Paul.nb pistonbroke