Sunday, 2 August 2020

Back to Petroc at last

No boat pictures yet....all to follow later this month!!

At least we are back if not actually cruising yet.
We have taken the good ship down to Tooleys Boatyard for blacking and sorting out the water tank.

She had weathered her prolonged stay in Cropredy Marina well apart from the fact that everything inside is dusty and grubby.  

Clive Mant, who came and did work on her over the winter before lockdown and then came to do some pre season checks on her, sadly found that water from the water tank was a no no.    Despite his efforts no water was forthcoming and it was decided that after 13 years the integral tank probably needed attention.   Luckily for us Tooleys had a slot and are not only able to fit her in for this but have also brought forward the blacking they were going to be doing in October.   

So a quick trip to unload our belongings and then down to Banbury.   We set off about 10.30 which is much later than our usual time of departure so had a very very very slow trip....definitely back to life in the slow lane.   Only 4 locks to do but about 6 boats ahead of us and only 1 behind.
Still, it was  a lovely day and we were back on the water. 

An unpleasant shock on arrival in the centre of Banbury.   What was a very congenial mooring spot is now beset by huge building works.   We can only hope that when complete things will improve.
We had no option but to moor there as we needed to be positioned for Tooleys to take her into the dry dock on Monday morning early.   In fact we thought we were lucky to find a space.......but that could be because it was not the best place to moor any longer.

An unexpected find outside Tooleys.........who should we find moored there but the Millie M with Maffi and Mollie.

We now are residing with friends in Oxfordshire until the work is complete, we hope by Friday.

Friday, 15 May 2020

Imprisoned in Cropredy Marina

Sadly Petroc is still imprisoned in Cropredy Marina..   However she is being well looked after although we are so sad not to be back aboard.

Our compensation is that we have Cornwall with no visitors !!!

I remain optimistic that we will be back later in the year.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

This seasons cruising nearly done.

Sad to say we have worked our last lock for the year.   
Geoff had 5 days in Banbury whilst I was on granny duties and on my return yesterday, Saturday, We set off for Cropredy.

Everywhere seems very quiet.  Normally there are lots of boats moored above the Cropredy lock but we were alone last night, although tonight we have neighbours.

Petroc`s last mooring place of the year.
Tomorrow early we will go into Cropredy Marina which is to be the new winter home for Petroc.  It puts us that bit further south towards family.    It may not be a huge distance by car but by canal it is about 5 days closer at our pace!!

Saturday, 28 September 2019

end of our season creeps closer

The weather for our 3 day sojourn at Thrupp was not as kind as it has been lately.  However this was compensated for by our visitors.   On Tuesday Fran and Keith braved the traffic to visit us and sadly they were rewarded with a rather indifferent lunch at the Boat Inn.  Lots of catching up done though.

Maffi was moored a couple of boats down so on Thursday night we had a somewhat better meal at the Jolly Boatman with him and Susan.   A somewhat better meal.

Friday we continued on our way to Lower Heyford.  Despite an early departure the rain did catch up with us but it could have been a lot worse.  It is still relatively warm and the worst of the rain held off until we were snugly moored up.  After supper Bones came down for a drink and a certain amount of putting the world to rights was done.

Very early start today to get on the water point as we know it is extremely slow.   It took over an hour to fill but it was good timing as it finished about 8.30 just as the cafĂ© was opening for our cooked breakfast. 
All the cows were lying down But we didn't have rain
By the time we reached Somerton Deep lock the wind was blowing hard, but luckily there was a boat waiting to come down as we emerged from the lock so I didn't have to fight it as I picked Geoff up.

We were lucky to find a space just before the bridge at Ayno Wharf.   Tying us was more challenging than normal with the wind, especially with boats passing in the other direction.  Still all achieved before lunch.

Total distance:6.07 miles
 Elapsed time:2h48m8s
Average speed:2.17 mph (3.24 lock/mph)

Monday, 23 September 2019

back to the canals

Early morning departure from Abingdon, the mist still hanging on the water.   This was our last trip on the Thames for this year.  

Secretly I think Geoff likes the early departures as the lock keepers don't come on duty until 9am and so he gets to operate them himself!!   He has only been unlucky once this year when one of the locks was on self service AND there was no electricity......that gave him some exercise!!

We decided to stay just above Osney lock on the last bit of river.   The weather still held for us through Saturday and even Sunday morning.    The church couldn't have been closer for us. It was a 3 minute walk to St Frideswide.  

Later we met up with Giles and the grandsons for lunch and had a good Indian meal at SOJO`s.

Filming was taking place on Sunday for an episode of Endeavour just along from where we were moored.    It seemed an awful lot of effort and people and equipment for what was probably just a few minutes.   Our services were sadly not requested as extras!!

So today Monday it was another early start so we could enter Thrupp at the best time to find a mooring

It does seem very strange to be back on a narrow waterway.   The first few miles up to Dukes Cut are a bit dank and with many long term moored boats on the Agenda 21 Moorings

We arrived at Thrupp in good time for coffee and to find a space.   The rain was still holding off so after lunch I caught the bust to Sainsburys in Kidlington.    I managed to get almost all the way back before the rain caught up with us.   It could have been worse.

Tonight the moorings are full so our early rising does do well.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Peaceful 3 days in Abingdon

On Tuesday we sauntered up to Pangbourne and had no trouble finding a good mooring on the meadow.    Free mooring here BUT only for 24 hours.   I took advantage of the launderette in town to wash two of our duvets...….I do query whether it is cost effective though.  After paying for the washing and drying I think I could have bought good enough new duvets to last a season!!!!

Wednesday we had an earlyish start for Goring.   It was no good going too early as we needed to find a space at Goring and if we were too early no one would have moved!!   We were in luck and found a good spot right at the end of the moorings.   A short walk up the hill for me to catch the train to London to granddaughter...……..

The weather is being very kind to us at the moment and we are having delightful cruises each day.

On my return we had breakfast in the Village Cafe and then Giles picked us up and took us to see a boat he is considering buying to use as his office!!!    I am not sure of the practicality of the proposed venture and the boat is 50 years old...….however having said that …….it is a nice boat.....we shall see.

Friends Ronnie and Gill came to visit and we had a good lunch in the Catherine Wheel.    

Onward then to Wallingford, another good day and space to moor.   Here Geoff had to make an emergency shopping trip to find a new belt for his trousers...…….. he was lucky to find an old fashioned men's outfitters who could supply the very necessary article!!

And so to Abingdon where we have spent a lovely 3 days on the meadow in brilliant sunshine.    Unlike earlier in the year, when it was too hot, it has been a nice temperature to sit out in.  

More friends, Dick and Jackie, came for sundowners and then we all repaired to the Nags head for a meal...….an excellent one.

The film of Downton Abbey is on here in the Abbey Cinema so I had a couple of hours wallowing in all the splendour.   It is a lovely cinema, there were seats set in groups of 4 around a table, where one could order food and drink from your phone ( if one wished) .  They were swivel armchair seats......and the screen was huge so I had a ringside view.  

Onward again tomorrow heading for Oxford and the last run up the Thames.  The forecast says the weather is holding for a couple more days.....lets hope they are right.

Monday, 9 September 2019

and back to Reading......the end of the summer creeps closer

Someone is bedded in well!!!  I would love to see what it was like down below,,,,,
So goodbye Henley again after 9 days there.   I did my granny time with Kensa so was away for 3 days,   However back on Saturday and met Geoff for Brunch in Wetherspoons.

Saturday night was incredibly cold I thought we were in the middle of winter again, so Sunday night I retired with woolly socks, hot water bottle and thick jumper to bed, only to find that it back to a more normal temperature!!!

On Sunday Giles and the two boys joined us for the trip up to Sonning.  They brought their bicycles so they could return to collect the car at Henley.   We all went to the Coppa Club at Sonning and had a very good lunch/brunch.   We had not ventured in here before as we were under the impression it was a private club....wrong......highly recommended.   It was extremely busy but we managed to find a table.

And so to Reading today...Geoff needs to restock his supply of chocolate which he can only find in Aldi!!!   We also stopped at Tesco.   The moorings there are now more than half full of boats that appear to be long term......we just managed to find a space.

Total distance:3.34 miles
 Elapsed time:3h8m2s 
Locks:2 Bridges:2
Average speed:1.07 mph (1.71 lock/mph)

Those timing do include stopping to shop at Tescos and to refuel!!!!!