Saturday, 15 January 2022


 caught at last!

Not such a good start to 2022 after all. Geoff has now tested positive. He is a little under the weather but nothing drastic. We hope that having had 2 jabs and a booster wall keep it that way. The worst thing for him is being moved into isolation which he does not like - On the plus side they have managed to rebook his nerve conduction tests for 3rd February.

Because of the visiting embargo Boe and I haven't been near for several days so don't have to isolate.

Roll on 2023!

Friday, 14 January 2022

Happy New Year


It is a little chilly on board the good ship at the moment.  However extra clothes, extra bed coverings and hot water bottles seem to solve it most of the time. We just have to make sure the water tank on Petroc is kept topped up as they turn the water off on the pontoons if a frost is forecast.

Christmas was different to other years but good. Time with Giles and family followed by time in London
With Emma and family.. Geoff was not forgotten. and one or more of us visited every day. He was moved to a single ward the week before as they said he had to be in isolation before and after his PET scan. We have no idea why, afterwards we could understand as he was pumped full of something radioactive. Mind you we didn't see any glowing on return.🤣🤣
We all thought it was lovely as he had his own loo and a small kitchen area with a fridge and microwave etc. Although he was not capable of using any of this himself, it allowed us to take him in nice snacks over Christmas and keep things fresh. We even took him a portion of Christmas pudding. Not that the hospital were lacking in that department but their pudding appeared to be non- alcoholic. He also had his own tv. The big problem for him was feeling lonely and missing people toing and froing on his 4 bed bay.
So he was moved back after Christmas to his bed by the window.

A week ago he lost the big walker that was on loan and on which he had made great strides (not literally)it was needed for someone else. He was initially very downcast but they brought forward the transition to a smaller triangular gadget and he has adjusted well. However his daily walks down the corridor with it have now come to a grinding halt, as on Tuesday someone in his bay has just tested positive yet again
All in lockdown again until 25th we are told. Apparently the cutting of quarantine time does not apply in
Hospitals and its 14 days. We are now awaiting news of how this will affect his appointment for nerve conduction tests at the John Radcliffe on 20th.

Thursday, 23 December 2021

Happy Christmas

 LIFE continues aboard the good ship Petroc.  Boe and I are managing remarkably well considering. When we feel somewhat chilly I remind myself that once upon a time we lived without central heating and one did have to think twice before getting out of bed on a cold morning The answer then, as now, is more clothes🤣🤣

Meanwhile life continues for Geoffrey in Abingdon. He is still making progress but it's very slow going.. He now has his own wheelchair and a very fancy new walker which has made a huge difference. His appointment for the awaited PET scan has been scheduled for 29th December and he has an appointment with neurology on 20th January.. What, if anything, either of these will tell us is debatable.

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to find a suitable abode in this area to which he could be discharged safely, albeit with a care package. I even enlisted SSAFA but to no avail. Ever if we could afford the exorbitant rents, we need somewhere suitable for someone with mobility issues. Petroc will never be that!

There are rumblings from the hospital in Abingdon that we should be considering the next stage. As far as we can see that will have to be our annexe in Cornwall. Realistically it will have to be via a similar community style hospital down there, whilst our home is assessed for his needs. We are hoping to stay up here as long as possible. He has almost daily physiotherapy which is making such a difference. In addition the family are within striking distance which makes such a help with visiting.

We are also hoping that there are no more patients testing COVID positive before Christmas as all visiting will be cancelled yet again. The last two episodes proved to be false positives so we lost visiting unnecessarily.

The bright spot of yesterday was seeing the new film of West side story. Boe and I already had tickets booked for the matinee in the Abbey cinema in Abingdon.. . Lovely independent cinema and we had 2 swivel comfy chairs around a table for our drinks. We can thoroughly recommend the film and the cinema.

Friday, 10 December 2021

Error at the lab!

 So the lab got it wrong…..sorry for the error……visiting is on again😱😱😱👍👍👍😎😎😎

Thursday, 9 December 2021

Birthday weekend

 A fabulous weekend courtesy of my great family.   I now need a few days recovery time.   Not necessarily alcohol but everything packed into the celebration.    Geoffrey was sorely missed but we all agreed that his tolerance for travelling might not have lasted…..there was a lot of travelling involved.   Boats had to figure somewhere and that came with an excellent lunch on board one of the Thames trip boats.

The intention was to visit him on my return and take all my cards and tell him about the weekend.    However……… laid plans..........    COVID has reared its ugly head again.  One of the patients in his bay has tested positive so we are on a visiting ban for 14 days..  

There are also rumblings from the hospital about the next stage..   they obviously can’t keep him forever!   Due to him getting physiotherapy every day, he is making progress, but not quite at the stage where he (and we) can cope at home in Cornwall.   He has an appointment with neurology on 20th January at the John Radcliffe in Oxford,so unlikely to have a change before then.  At least we hope so.   The longer he is receiving physio the more we think he will improve.

We are trying to find an interim solution at the moment, but finding accommodation in the Oxfordshire area that is suitable for someone with mobility issues and that is not at a silly price is not easy.

We await developments..........................................

Monday, 29 November 2021


Definitely getting wintry! Meanwhile Boe and I are quite comfortable on Petroc with the aid of heaters and hot water bottles. 

Geoff continues to make progress albeit slowly. He reports the faint feeling on the tips of two of his fingers and is managing to send text on his phone although with some difficulty. He wont be home for Christmas so Boe and I will share our time with the rest of the family, taking it it turns to visit Geoff daily.

We continue to be thankful that he is up here in hospital and not back in Cornwall as he has been able to have several visits from friends other than family which makes a change for him.

since we will not be home for Christmas and can’t receive post in the marina Christmas cards are off my menu this year.   I shall resort to online greeting to all!

Sunday, 21 November 2021

Getting chillier

 Rehabilitation for Geoff continues slowly in Abingdon, with not a lot of hope of being back in Cornwall for Christmas.

However Boe and I continue to survive aboard the good ship Petroc.

It is getting a little colder now and wam clothes needed. We use the central heating (diesel) and an oil filled electric heater. I am very reluctant to use the wood burner as it has been out of use for several years- we are not normally On board at this time of year! I would want the chimney inspected before any use.

The physios and other staff are great and there is definite progress,

Geoff has now had a few non family members to visit which has been good for him. The hospital are sticking rigidly to the one person for one hour in allotted time slots each day which have to be booked in advance. In addition they only allow I visitor in each bay where there are 4 beds 'so it is not always possible to book the preferred time.

Outside my confidence at driving in traffic has improved of necessity! I am now getting to be a regular user of the m40.

Hospital visiting is interspersed with occasional visits to friends and friends visiting us.. This has been much easier up here than if we had been back on Cornwall..

 Boe and I sampled the delights of breakfast in the New canalside Premier Inn in Banbury yesterday which was voted a hit! £9.50 all you can eat include drinks.